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Islam, Politics and Change: The Indonesian Experience after the Fall of Suharto

edited by Kees van Dijk and Nico J. G. Kaptein

Leiden University Press, 2015


eISBN: 978-94-006-0232-8

Paper: 978-90-8728-238-7

About the Book
The decades-long rule of President Suharto in Indonesia was ended by violent protests throughout the country in the spring of 1998. Following Suharto’s resignation, Indonesia successfully made the transition from an authoritarian state to a democracy, and this book explores the effects of that transformation on Islamic political organizations in Indonesia, which, for the first time in forty years, were legally allowed to campaign and promote their agenda. The contributors to this book consider the effects of these changes on the influence of orthodoxy and radicalism in Indonesian life and politics, the status of women, and the fate of religious minorities.
About the Author
Kees van Dijk is emeritus professor of the history of modern Islam in Indonesia at Leiden University, where Nico J. G. Kaptein teaches Islamic studies.
“The work is a collection of very high-quality, detailed analyses of a set of key current conflicts and issues regarding Islam and politics in Indonesia, and is particularly strong with respect to two aspects: (1) the activities of the PKS party in Indonesia and (2) post-tsunami developments in Aceh. The reader will learn a lot about these topics.”
— John R. Bowen, Washington University in St. Louis

Debates on Islam and Society, Fall, Islam and politics, 1998-, Islam, Middle East, 21st century, Politics, World, Politics and government, Political Science, History
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License: CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0