The Animal Rights Struggle: An Essay in Historical Sociology

by Christophe Traïni
Protest and Social Movements
Amsterdam University Press, 2016
eISBN: 978-90-485-2703-8, Cloth: 978-90-8964-849-5

Since the early nineteenth century, numerous campaigns have denounced the mistreatment of animals. Originally published in French as La cause animale, this book compares the British and French histories of the animal-protection movement to retrace its origins and assess its impact up to the present day. As Christophe Traïni shows, the struggle for animal rights-inextricably linked to the rise of philanthropy and established long before the birth of the ecology movement-developed out of several important social and political processes, including changes in sensibilities and socially approved emotions, new definitions of what constitutes legitimate violence, and the influence of religious beliefs.

Christophe Traïni is professor of political science at the Institute of Political Science in Aix-en-Provence. His publications include La musique en colère (Paris: Presses de Sciences Po, 2008), La cause animale (Paris: PUF, 2011), and the edition of the reader Emotions ... mobilisation!(Paris: Presses de Sciences Po, 2009).

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