Amsterdam Human Capital

edited by Willem Salet and Sako Musterd
Amsterdam University Press, 2003
eISBN: 978-90-485-0518-0, Paper: 978-90-5356-595-7

The changing spatial organization of the city of Amsterdam reflects a larger-scale process: the familiar shape of Western cities is changing across the globe. For centuries, the urban core was taken for granted as the focal point for international contacts and day-to-day activities. The essays collected here consider how urban spaces have been transformed—not only spatially but socially, economically, and culturally—into multi-centered metropolitan arrays, with contributors examining the new urban identities that may emerge from such changing conditions.

Sako Musterd is Professor of Urban Geography and Chair of the Department of Geography and Planning. Willem Salet is Professor of Urban and Regional Planning and the Scientific Director of the Amsterdam studycentre for the Metropolitan Environment (AME).

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