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Evangelizing Korean Women and Gender in the Early Modern World: The Power of Body and Text

by Susan Broomhall

Arc Humanities Press, 2023


eISBN: 978-1-64189-367-1

Cloth: 978-1-64189-366-4

About the Book
This monograph examines how Korean women and men came to engage with Catholic missions during Europe’s late sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, a profoundly volatile period in East Asian history during which political, cultural, and social disruption created opportunities for new interactions in the region. It analyzes the nature of that engagement, as women and men became both subjects for, and agents of, catechizing practices. As their evangelization, experience of faith, proselytizing, and suffering were recorded in mission archives, the monograph explores contact between Catholic Christianity and Korean women in particular. Broomhall demonstrates how gender ideologies shaped interactions between missionary men and Korean women, and how women’s experiences would come to be narrated, circulated, and memorialized.
About the Author
Susan Broomhall leads the Gender and Women's History Research Centre at the Australian Catholic University. Her research explores women's experiences and gender ideologies in shaping the early modern world.
Gender and Power in the Premodern World, Power, Renaissance, Asia, Europe, Religion, History
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License: CC BY-NC-ND