Mimbres Archaeology of the Upper Gila, New Mexico

by Stephen H. Lekson
Anthropological Papers
University of Arizona Press, 1990
eISBN: 978-0-8165-4513-1, OA eISBN: 9780816551606, Paper: 978-0-8165-1164-8


This reappraisal of archaeology conducted at the Saige-McFarland site presents for the first time a substantial body of comparative data from a Mimbres period site in the Gila drainage. Lekson offers a new and controversial interpretation of the Mimbres sequence, reintroducing the concept of the Mangas phase first proposed by the Gila Pueblo investigations of the 1930s and demonstrating a more gradual shift from pithouse to pueblo occupance than has been suggested previously.

Stephen H. Lekson is Curator of Anthropology at the University Museum, University of Colorado.

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