Massacre on the Gila: An Account of the Last Major Battle Between American Indians, with Reflections on the Origin of War

by Clifton B. Kroeber and Bernard L. Fontana
University of Arizona Press, 1986
Cloth: 978-0-8165-0969-0, Paper: 978-0-8165-1359-8, eISBN: 978-0-8165-4073-0

"The careful reconstruction of the September 1, 1857 battle at Maricopa Wells, combined with the thorough and well-written summary of available information on patterns of regional conflict, makes this book a valuable contribution to the ethnohistory of the middle Gila and Lower Colorado River area." —American Anthropologist

"Rarely do the skills of historians and anthropologists mesh so admirably." —Western Historical Quarterly

"Kroeber and Fontana are meticulous professionals. Their study of this neglected slice of Southwestern history deserves applause." —Evan S. Connell, Los Angeles Times Book Review

"A rich feast for the curious and theorist alike." —Pacific Historical Review

"Kroeber and Fontana describe a little-known event, provide an effective analysis of the cultures of Indian groups in southwestern Arizona, and attempt to understand the broader causes of warfare. The result is an interesting and provocative study." —Journal of American History

Clifton B. Kroeber was active in research in the history of the Lower Colorado Indian peoples since 1958. He joined the staff of Occidental College in 1955 and in 1964 was named Norman Bridge Professor of Hispanic American History. He become known for his work as a Latin American historian specializing in modern Mexican history. He is author of Man, Land, Water: Mexico's Farmlands Irrigation Policies, 18851911 and co-author with A. L. Kroeber of A Mohave War Reminiscence, 1854–1880.

Bernard L. Fontana, who for sixteen years was ethnologist at the Arizona State Museum, was also field historian in the University of Arizona Library from 1978 to 1922.

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